Saturday, August 21, 2010

Operation fatten Yoni has begun!

Yoni had an appt w/his pediatrician yesterday and this child has still not gained any weight or gotten any taller! The only thing that is growing is his head! The Doc. wants me to start adding fat and cals to his food, such as, using cream instead of milk for mac n cheese or putting butter on his spaghetti, etc. So, I looked a bunch of stuff up on the internet and operation fatten Yoni has begun!! For breakfast I made him an egg made w/2 TB heavy whipping cream, 1 TB butter, and 2 TB of cheese...I don't think there was much egg left after that!! This is what his diet will be like for the next few months...I will probably end up fattening myself up more instead of him!!


Anonymous said...

Let time do it. He could use the extra calories too! Yoni takes after him in that way!!

Anonymous said...