Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Sometimes Yonas will take his index finger and put it on a crumb and then put it in his mouth. Today Yonas had his first Doctor's appt in the US. We were in the exam room and I was holding Yonas and he put his finger to one of my freckles and then put his finger in his mouth! He was trying to eat mommy's freckles!! Anyway, I just thought that was hilarious and had to share!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Some pics of Ethiopia

Home Sweet Home


We got back from Ethiopia w/Yonas Sat. evening. We have been busy adjusting, trying to catch up on sleep, and Tim and I have been trying to get over what our doctor calls "Montezuma's revenge"! I am going to try to post some pics from our trip and a little about our experience. It may take me a few days to catch up, so please be patient!

We arrived in ET about 11ish Sun. eve. We were picked up by T and David, both are great guys! We exchanged our $ at the airport, there was no line while we were there so thought it would be easiest. We didn't have any major issues, the visa processing went w/o any probs. The trip was long and tiring but pretty uneventful. We had more trouble figuring out where we needed to go in the airport at Dulles then in Ethiopia. When we arrived at the Guest house, we unpacked a little, took showers and went to bed. Our room was on the 4th floor and by the end of our trip I really hated those steps! The room was very nice w/a living room area, kitchenette, and 2 bedrooms w/baths. We did not have to share a room. I don't know how we swung this b/c all the other families did.

We met the other families at breakfast then went with T to the Hilton to do our paperwork and have lunch. We met Duni there and got packets with information about our children's routines, medical information, vaccinations, etc. We then went to the Transition Home to meet our children. All up us were very nervous and excited. We were the first family and we moved up to the front of the line to get our son and they then said that Yonas was at the dr's and would be back soon. We were disappointed and began to move back while the Farris family moved to the front. A nanny brought out a little boy that looked like Yonas w/o hair. Both our families stopped and looked around b/c he looked like our son but they were telling us it wasn't him and they thought that it didn't look like their son, but they were telling them it was! Finally the nanny said that it was Yonas. Yonas was very upset. He has been at the TH since he was 4 mo's old and is very attached to his nanny's and his surroundings there. Tim and I tried everything to comfort him but he would not stop crying. We finally ended up taking Yonas back to his room and staying in their w/him. Yonas calmed down immediately and fell asleep in my arms. We spent the whole afternoon there w/him. It was great! We also met w/the TH doctor. After that the women went to the spa for some pampering and then we went all went out for a traditional Ethiopian meal w/singing and dancing. They had great food and entertainment.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

We are coming Yonas!!

We just got the call this morning, totally unexpectedly. We were cleared by the embassy to travel to ET and pick up Yonas!! We will be leaving Sat. morning!! Talk about crazy! I just can't wait to hold my baby boy!!