Thursday, February 19, 2009


Hello everyone. Sorry it has been so long since I have posted. We have been pretty busy around here. The first Sat. of February we were finally able to meet w/the local group who have either adopted from Ethiopia or are in the process of adopting from Ethiopia. It was really nice to meet w/everyone and see their kiddos running around having fun. I was able to hold a 5mo old baby girl that just came home to her forever family in December. She was so gorgeous, I didn't want to let her go!! It was really great to be w/the children from Ethiopia but it also pulled at my heartstrings a little too, as I wasn't able to have or hold my child. It was really great being able to ask the families that have gone before us questions, etc. We were also invited to an Ethiopian restaurant w/one of the family's. This was our first experience w/Ethiopian food. We had a great time w/the family, their beautiful child, Rose, and the whole Ethiopian food experience. We will definately be doing it again. We also have some very exciting news on the adoption front. Tim and I were able to send our completed dossier to our case worker at AWAA yesterday! It should be to her by Friday and then they will process it, make sure everything is there, etc. and send it to Ethiopia. Once it is sent to Ethiopia, also called DTE or date to Ethiopia, we will officially be on the waiting list for a child. It was such a releif to have all of that completed and sent, although, Tim and I were so tired after that we came home and took a nap!! It was so strange to finally send it in after we have been working on it for so long. We had the lady at Fedex take a pic of us holding the package. She thought we were very weird, but I was like, hey this is basically the past 4 mo's of our lives and is going to help us bring home our child, so Yes, we are taking a pic of it!! Any way we are very excited about this. Please pray that everything that is needed was included and completed correctly. Please pray that it is processed quickly and w/o any problems and makes it to Ethiopia w/o any issues, etc. Please also pray for the wait for our child to go quickly and for Tim and I to have the patience to wait for God's perfect timing and the ability to take any unexpected hurdles that may come our way with grace, patience, and thankfulness. Thank you for all your suport and prayers as we have jumped over another hurdle/landmark in our adoption journey.