Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Yoni and I had a great day today! He woke up around 8:30 and we had breakfast. I pointed out and named some objects for him. Yoni can say mirror now! It sounds like meer but hey, he's only 16 mo's! He scribbled over a coloring page with pictures of things that are red, the main one was an apple! We read and I pointed out everything that was red throughout the day. We went to Iron's fruit farm and were going to pick apples, but apparently they only do that on the weekends. So, we looked at all the animals, pet some goats, and picked up some apples, apple donuts, and some pumpkin butter for daddy. We ate our donut under the tree, then we came home and took a nap. We made jello together and did our first attempt at finger painting. Yoni wasn't sure what to do w/the paint on his hand and the painting was more an attempt to get the paint off! We also dipped some apples in the paint and rolled them around in a box and made a pretty picture! We took a nice walk, had some lunch and then fiddled and played around the house, read a little while we sat in a laundry basket and watched a little veggie tales...took another nap...we tried the finger painting thing again when daddy got home, but he really didn't like it so much this time! He played in his little pool for awhile....We had a great day! I love that little guy soooo much. I can't imagine life without him even though he has only been w/us for such a short time.

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