Saturday, August 14, 2010

3 months home

It's hard to beleive that we have been home for 3 months now w/Yoni and also that it has only been 3 months with Yoni. It feels as if he has always been here! A lot has happened in these past 3 months. We met Yoni for the first time on 5/10 and got to take him with us on 5/11. We all came home on 5/15. Yoni is thriving and is such an amazing little guy. I love him so much and can't imagine life without him. He has adjusted amazingly well and is usually very easy going. He is also very, very smart! Not that I'm bragging here! Yoni can now say about 20 words, stack 3-4 blocks, kick and throw a ball, feed himself (messily!) point to things and communicate what he wants/needs very well. He has had several dr's appts and has been to an orthopedic Dr. at children's for his club foot. He has had 3 casts, a heel cord surgery w/cast for 3 weeks and now has to wear braces on his feet w/a bar between them, 23 hrs a day for 3 mo's and eventually will only have to wear them at night. Yoni is really not digging the braces as he can't walk in them but he gets so happy and giggly when he gets to take them off for his hour of freedom. It is so funny! I have started back to work, which I do not like at all! Yoni isn't a fan either. Yoni also has 6 teeth now with more right behind. He was sleeping well but the day he got his braces on he started screaming every time we put him in his crib and would wake up screaming almost every hour or so. He would scream for over an hour if we let him and was so stressful to all of us, so Tim and I have started letting him sleep in bed with us...this creates other problems but at least we are all sleeping better. We have our 3 mo post placement visit this week along w/an appt to Yoni's pediatrician, so I will be talking w/the social worker and dr. about this If you have any ideas please let me know. I think it may be a result of me going back to work more than anything... but who knows. We have had a great summer playing and going to the zoo, etc. and now that Yoni's cast is off, he can play in the pool. Tim's step mom had a meet the Brakefield family get together so everyone could meet Yoni, Yoni and I went to visit Nana and Poppa in GA while Tim was on a mission trip with his youth group, we have met w/our local Ethiopia group and Yoni has played w/other children from ET. Yoni has had his 1st haircut w/ goes on and are some pics since we have been home.


JonesEthiopia said...

When I went back to work after R came home, she reacted in a similar way. She had been sleeping in a bassinet in our room (she was so tiny!!), but when I returned to work, she would wake and stay up for hours... unless she was in our bed, with her tiny little body completely up against mine. If I moved, she'd wake up screaming because she thought I was leaving her. Whenever something traumatic happens or she's experiencing any attachment issues, they manifest in sleep issues, and she'll be in bed with us from anywhere from one night to a month or two. It can be really hard, but babies/toddlers process grief and trauma in their dreams so I think she just needs to know I'm right there and not leaving her. I'm sure it is hard with Yoni, too, but I think you're doing the right things for him. Feel free to email me if you want to talk!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Molly, that makes me feel better!